Chinese experts appeal an urgent revision of “Wildlife Protection Act”

On 24th May 2013,a forum was jointly organized by the Information Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ( CASS), National Association for Science, Technology dissemination and popularization Center of Tsinghua University, Animal Protection Website, Environmental Resources Law Center of the University of Politics and Law. Numerous legal, ethics and zoology experts have indicated that the majority of  wildlife in China are living in  precarious conditions, and there is an  urgent need to amend the "Law on the Protection of Wildlife of PRC" to strengthen their protection.

"Wildlife Protection Law of China has numerous deficiencies, which lead to a serious impediment to the protection of wildlife, affecting China's international image and exacerbated the extent of environmental degradation." Said by Pr. JIANG Jinsong, the professor from Institute of Science, Technology and Society, Tsinghua University.

Latest data of the State Silviculture Administration's shows that in China, 252 kinds of fauna are subject to severe consumption; 104 of them are in an endangered status ,some of which have not yet been listed on “San You”( Terrestrial Wildlife Species being protected by State, being beneficial and being of important economical or scientific value.) There are some species whose number are below the minimum survival level which need rescue protection. This situation has been caused by many factors, and a lagging "Protection Act" which no longer plays a protective role being one of most important.

The experts believe that there is an urgent need to amend and improve the “Law” in the following aspects:

1,To punish consumption, harm and abusive behavior to wildlife severely.

2,To adjust the wildlife protection list so that it be in accordance with international standards.

3,To increase the penalties given for the fabrication and commercialization of the hunting gear required for the capture of wildlife.

4, To restrict the domestication, the breeding and commercial exploitation of wildlife.

The experts also said that after the forum, a “Proposal of Rescue Protection of the Wildlife”will be elaborated jointly and the proposal will be submitted to the parties concerned.